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India leads the adoption of voice-activated tech like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri in Asia

According to the survey of over 1,800 smartphone owners conducted by iProspect highlights the rising adoption of voice technology in the Asia Pacific region. Survey respondents belonged to leading countries Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Singapore, and Japan in the Asia-Pacific region APAC. You can look for more details on Future is Voice

Some of the salient takeaways from the survey report are as following :

1. Rising Adoption.

62% of respondents used voice activated technology in the last six months, with India (82%) and China (77%) emerging as leaders in voice adoption. Additionally, 56% of current users observed that their usage had increased over the last six months and 95% indicated their intention to continue using voice technology in the next twelve months. Most people use voice because it is convenient compared to other modes of interacting with technology.

2. Dynamic vs Conservative Markets.

Australia, Singapore, and Japan highlight conservative growth and trends for slow adoption but most other asian countries highlight rapid adoption or dynamic growth. 62% of smartphone users across Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore have used voice activated technology in the last six months and 54% in the last one month. These numbers also highlight that adoption of voice assistant on mobile will increase rapidly compared to adoption using smart speakers or wearables.

3. A habit in making.

Across all markets, it is found that once users have adopted avoice activated technology, their consumption does not decrease. Consumption seems to have increased in China, India and Indonesia and stabilized in Australia, Japan and Singapore over the last six months.

4. How to adopt voice first strategy.

There are various ways brands can adopt voice first strategy. A well-thought strategy would be required to reap the benefit of this new-found digital channel. A great strategy would factor in understanding the usage patterns on voice channels like Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri etc. Platforms like GoVocal.AI are also helping brands in designing, testing and deploying voice apps for AI assistant with the user-friendly interface without any need of coding skills. Such platform takes most of the complexities out from building voice apps SDKs. GoVocal.AI Platform provides skills templates that can be used to develop and launch skills in a very short span.