Amazon Echo available to everyone In India.

Amazon India : Amazon Echo Devices available to everyone in India

Starting today, The Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, and Amazon Echo Plus will now be available to everyone in India via online and offline sale.

Amazon Alexa :is an smart AI powered digital assistant that can be simply invoked from voice and can be used to automate your home, listen to music and connect to various services like Uber, Ola, Zomato etc.

1. Features of Echo devices.

As reported by Economics Times, With the general availability of echo devices in India, Features for free Voice Calling and messaging has been added. Amazon has also made Alexa speak in Indian Accent that will surely increase its adoption in India.

2. Discounts and Pricing.

Amazon Echo Dot is available at Rs 4,499, the Amazon Echo costs Rs 9,999 while the Amazon Echo Plus is priced at Rs 14,999. During invitation phase these devices were available at a discount along with bundled Amazon Prime membership. Now, with the general availability, these offers are discontinued. Amazon is offering a Philips Hue bulb smart bulb free if you buy online from amazon or from select retail outlets..

3. Alexa Skills for India.

Over 10000 skills are already available for India. Amazon has added lots of Indian specific content to Alexa assistant. Alexa is now capable of answering more questions about Indian history, holidays, Bollywood movies, and cricket. Amazon has also published an guide for Indian consumers.

4. How to launch your business on Alexa

Though amazon has published the SDK “Alexa Skill Kit” to develop the skills, but it may require programming skill and good understanding of SDK and may be time consuming. Platform Like GoVocal.AI has taken most of the complexities out from SDK and provided quicker ways to launch Business on Alexa. Along with Launch of “Alexa for Business” feature Amazon has created a platform to create Line of business applications along with applications focusing on consumer use cases. GoVocal.AI platform is developed by Intelifai Technologies. Both GoVocal.AI platform and Intelifai consultancy services are helping the businesses in building applications on Alexa and Google Assistant.