Image credit: HackerRank

Amazon India launches hackathon for Alexa Skill Developers in India.

Amazon India is launching ‘Alexathon’ on HackerRank Platform to call Indian Developers to develop Alexa skills. This is a great opportunity for developers to learn building voice based applications for different use cases on Alexa Platform. According to HackerRank, Amazon is giving prizes worth over Rs 1 lacs in cash and exciting goodies for winners.

Some of the salient details about hackathon are as following :

1. Hackathon Timings.

Hackathon is open to all developers starting 20th Feb and submission of alexa skills closes on 1st April 2018. It seems hackathon is conducted in two phases, Idea Phase and Online SKill submission phase. You can look for more details on HackerRank

2. Prizes.

Apart from cash prizes worth over 1 lakhs INR, Amazon is giving Echo devices and Amazon Kindle to top three winners. Apart from First, Second and Third prizes in cash, amazon has two special category awards “Alexa Popular Choice Award” amd “Alexa Front Runner Award” for most popular and most engaging skills respectively. You can look for more details on HackerRank

3. Resources to Build Alexa Skills with ease.

Amazon has published the SDK “Alexa Skill Kit” that can be used to build Alexa Skills on AWS Lambda platform. Platform like GoVocal.AI are also helping developers in designing, testing and deploying Alexa Skills with user friendly interface without any need of coding skills. Platform has taken most of the complexities out from SDK. GoVocal.AI Platform provide skills templates that can be used to develop and launch skills in a very short span. Feel free to request access to platform to develop alexa skills for hackathon at GoVocal.AI.