Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers are listed here.

Q. What is GoVocal.AI?
GoVocal.AI is a platform to build AI enabled voice applications with ease. Currently we are focusing on Amazon Alexa skills, Google Assistant actions and their integrations with other services.

Q. I am new to GoVocal.AI, from where do i start?
First of all, we welcome you. Watch this video for quick introduction.

Q. I don’t have a Amazon Echo device, can i create Amazon alexa skill?
Sure, to create a new alexa skill you don’t need a Amazon Echo device.

Q. What is included in Free Subscription Plan?
Right now you can create only one project in Free Subscription Plan, means you can only create one Alexa Skill. If you want to create more projects/Alexa skill, please contact us for more.

Q. What are your pricing?
Right now we are in Beta relaease, current offerings are free of charge. But we will soon release our subscption plans.

Q. Do you have any documentation?
• For documentation, please see Documentation
• For videos, visit our Youtube channel

Q. Deleting a project, deletes my Alexa Skill?
Deleting a project from GoVocal.AI does not deletes your Alexa skill from AMAZON, but your skill won’t work anymore as your skill’s HTTPS endpoint is removed.

Q. What is Conversation flow Designer?
Conversation flow Designer is very flexible tool to easily create Voice enabled application like Alexa and Assistant, etc just with simple drag and drop. You can easily create the Prototypes and VUI for your Voice applications.
For more info, please see Introduction to Conversation flow Designer

Q. Can i define and use the built-in or custom slots?
Yes you can define and use custom slots.
For more info, please see How to define custom slots

Q. What is SSML and how can i use SSML in my Alexa Skill?
SSML(Speech Synthesis Markup Language), is a way to give you skill’s user a better and rich voice experience. SSML adds punctuation in Alexa Response, such as pausing after a period, or speaking a sentence ending in a question mark as a question.
How to use, please see here

Q. Is there any coding required?
We at GoVocal.AI wants to give our customers the best experience. To achieve this we have created two types of templates, Basic and Advanced(which does same thing but in different ways) to create a alexa skill.
For a person who is just starting with Alexa skill development, so we have tailored some features of Alexa for them in Basic Templates, which helps them in building their Alexa Skills easily.
And for a person who is already familiar with alexa skill development can create more featured Alexa skill using the Advanced ones.
For more info, see here Different Conversation Modes

Q. Is there any Alexa Skill Analytics you provide?
Right now, GoVocal.AI does not provide any analytics for Alexa skill, but still you can integrate the third party free analytics services like and
For more info, see here How to Integrate Analytics

Q. I am having some problem with Alexa Skill deployment?
No problem we are here for you. Please follow below link, if still problem not sorted, please do let us know via our community or contact us via email
For more info, see here How to Debug Alexa Skill