In this tutorial you will learn about the Twilio Node, what it does and how to use and its Settings

1. What it does

Sends an SMS message or makes a call using the Twilio service.
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2. How to use

You can place this Twilio Node anywhere you want send SMS, etc

In order to use Twilio Node, you gotta need to create an account with Twilio. Upon successful account creation, you will get Account Sid, Account Token which you must place in Twilio Configurations. You need to generate a Twilio number, which will be used to send SMS or make calls.

When details generated, add the account details as described below

  • Open Twilio Node and Click on button.

  • Add Account SID, From, Token and finally click on Update and Save the Twilio Node

  • 3. Node Setting

    • Name Name of the Node
    • Output
      • SMS
        Sends a SMS to the given number with text of the SMS presented inside the msg.payload property
      • Call
        Calls a given number with using TWiML, which should be present in the msg.payload property.
        Note: If the node is configured to make a call then the TWiML URL must be publically accessible.
    • To
      Should be a number to send SMS or Call.
      The format of the number should be +<country code><ten digit number without any spaces>,
      Ex for India: +919898xxxxxx
      Note: If setting To is not set, then value for To can be set manually by providing the formatted number in the msg.topic property of msg object.
      msg.topic = “+919898xxxxxx”
    • Twilio
      Contains the credentials of Twilio account
      • Account SID
        Get from the Twilio account
      • From
        The Twilio number which will be used to send SMS or make calls.
      • Token
        Get from the Twilio account
      • Name
        Name for the Twilio account configurations

    4. Input

    Twilio Node takes input from from any node. If you do not set the To property on the Twilio settings, then you need to pass the number to which you need to send the SMS or make calls via msg.topic property of msg object.

    msg.topic = “+919898xxxxxx”

    5. Output

    Twilio Node does not output any msg object, so you can’t connect any other node next to it.