In this tutorial you will learn about the Router Node, what it does and how to use and its Settings

1. What it does

Router node is one of the main central node which is used to make full fledge coversations.
Router node recieves the intent/launch request from the respective channels nodes like Alexa-in, forwarding the requests to matching User Says node, and then finally handling the outgoing requests from the Respond node.

If not used, you won’t be able to make complete conversations with users.

2. How to use

You need to connect all the channels’ IN/RECEIVE nodes including Alexa-in, into the Router node and also connect the channel’ out nodes from the router, as shown below

3. Node Setting

This Router node doesn’t need any settings.

4. Input

Router takes input from the Alexa-in Node
Takes the msg object from the channel’ IN nodes, like Alexa-in node. Internally, this msg object is matched with all the User Says nodes and when a particular User Says node conditions or utterances are matched for the given input msg’ properties, then this msg object is indirectly passed into that User Says node.

5. Output

Router passes output to the Alexa-out Node
Router Outputs/passes the msg object to the channel’ OUT nodes, like Alexa-out node.