Troubleshoot or Debug Alexa Skill

This tutorial will help you to debug or troubleshoot the Alexa skill.

Common questions and answers will be listed here.

1. Can not invoke Alexa skill on Test Simulator.

2. Alexa does not responds back on Test Simulator.

To store the user related data during the conversation in the session or in the Database. You need to use Context Store Node. See Context Store Node

4. Problem while deploying Alexa Skill

5. Provided the Intents in Alexa-In Node, but still flow designer not able to handle the Intent Request from Alexa

  • If you are facing this problem, then high probability is that you are working in Advanced Conversation Mode and you might have not placed the User Says Node correclty for that particular Intent. Common problems might be:

    • Intent names are case-sensitive, so double-check that intent name which you are using in User Says Node matches with the Intent name as you provided in the Alexa In Node.
      Example: Suppose, you have defined the Intent name as OrderFoodIntent in Alexa In Node(like below).

            "name" : "OrderFoodIntent",
            "options" : {
                "slots" : {},
                "utterances" : [
                    "I want to order some food",
                    "Order some food",
                    "Please Order food for me"
      Then you must provide the OrderFoodIntent name as it is in the User Says Node (as shown below).

    • Or you might haven’t placed any User Says Node to handle the Intent request.