Create or Deploy Alexa Skill

This tutorial will show you how to quickly deploy your created Alexa skill on GoVocal.AI


1. Go to Integrations

2. Select an Active Project

  • Click on Project Selector from upper right corner
  • Select the Project for which you want to create or deploy your Alexa Skill

3. Click on Amazon Alexa Settings

A pop-up will appear like below:

4. Allow Pop-up

Before creating or deploying Alexa skill, make sure you Allow pop-ups and please read the instructions carefully.
To Allow Pop-ups click here

5. Provide details for Alexa Skill &
Click One-Click Deploy

Provide the Skill Name, Invocation Name and Select the Language you want.

  1. Skill Name
    • Enter your Skill Name which will shown in Alexa Store.
  2. Invocation Name
    • Enter a Invocation Name which Identifies Your Skill.
  3. Select Multiple Languge
    • You can select Multiple Language for single skill, Learn More.
  4. Alexa For Business
    • Enables Alexa For Business to publish skill in private mode.

Once you have filled all the required details, Click on One-Click Deploy in bottom right corner of the pop-up. Once clicked,

  • Once clicked, a Amazon pop-up will appear to Login for Amazon Developer account.

  • Allow the requested permissions requested by the Govocal

  • On successful skill creation, a following pop-up will occur with title “Skill successfully created!”

  • Once your skill is deployed, a green section will be appeared below the form confirming “Skill Deployment Success”.

6. Congrats! Your skill has been created.

7. Enable your alexa skill.

8. Test your alexa skill.