What is a Google Assistant Voice App?

A Multimodal voice App on Google Assistant

  • Can be invoked with voice or touch
  • Instantly available, requires no installation
  • Can have rich conversations on smart displays
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How GoVocal Platform can help you?

Powerful features to get started quickly without any programming knowledge.

Prototype and Build Voice apps in minutes.

Features to create a perfect voice app.

  • Design and Preview rich conversations in minutes
  • Prototype for both Smart speakers and Smart Displays
  • Create contextual conversations with ease
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Why Choose Us?

All the features that you need to create an Engaging Voice App

Daily Updates

Share regular updates about your Brand with your customers or followers

Personalized Engagement

Engage with your customers as per their preferences using targeted campaign

Routine Builder

Become part of daily habits of your customers with the help of Routines

Explicit Invocations

Deliver faster response to users by letting them invoke certain functionality directly

Voice Surveys

Gather feedback, preferences and suggestions using voice surveys.


Actionable Insights to measure the effectiveness of your brand engagement

How it works?

Building voice apps is just fun.

Create Project from Templates

Design Conversations

Publish On Google Assistant

Grow Voice App

Ready to use Voice Apps

Pre-Built Voice apps help in Reduced time to market, Low upfront cost and Zero maintenance

NEWS Briefings

Provide frequent updates to your followers or Brand fans


Grow you podcast audience and monetize your Podcasts


Acquire, Retain and Re-target your customers using Voice AI


Harness the power of Voice AI for Customer Engagement

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